Design Process Preview

I always make sure to ask my clients what their goals are before I start working on any project. This ensures that all of our projects will be successful and meet the client’s needs.

I like to talk with my clients about their main services because it helps me understand what they’re looking for in a website. It allows us to start the project off on the right foot by knowing exactly how I’ll be able to help them grow and succeed online.


After the discussion, I do in-depth research about the project and set a small presentation with my clients. In that same presentation, we talk through everything from pricing to delivery time for this project. Then after that is complete, I start working on their main project!


Wire-frames allows me to show a few ideas with the client without having to invest in mocking up each screen as an entire website. I can quickly sketch out some of my thoughts and see if they’re worth pursuing or not, saving time for both parties.

Main Design

After clients confirm the wire-frames then I just start working on the main design. This will be the final design that I will develop later on.


After clients confirm the main design, I start working on the development. This includes finalizing colors and animation timing details for various screen sizes to ensure a seamless user experience across all devices.

I develop everything and make them easy enough so that clients don’t have to waste most of their time on understanding the website backend.


There are many reasons why people hire me to work on their websites. The first and most important is the peace of mind knowing that when they find something wrong with their website, I’m a phone call away from taking care of it for them. I provide 1-month free support after everything’s done which includes small changes (texts, images, some colors). Most clients don’t want to waste time by maintaining their website, so my website maintenance package comes in handy. For more info check this.